When You Think You Do The Wrong Thing

The other day I talked to my mom.  She purchased a new home and was in the process of selling her old home.  She had an idea of selling the old house to invest in a multi-unit rental property.  On the first day of sale she received a great offer from a prospective seller. The faster the sale was progressing, the more worried she became. As I imagined all the opportunities she is going to create by selling her house, I wanted to be in her shoes.  The wealth building and becoming a landlord (after all who doesn’t want passive income?).  I wanted to be like my mom when I grow up!

But mom wasn't thrilled.  To her selling a home means something else entirely. It means lack of sleep and loss of appetite in her world.  Making big steps means loads of worry and uncertainty.  She was afraid of both - keeping or selling the house.  Even though I wasn't in mom's shoes at the moment, I remember feeling this way about pretty much everything.  What if it was the wrong thing to do?!   How do you know what the right thing is>

My process today is a mental dialogue or a conversation with myself.  I repeat it often.  It gives me confidence in my decisions, a piece of mind and room for mistakes. Lots of room for mistakes:

- Should I change my job???

- What do you think you should do?

- I should get a new job.

- Why?

- Because I think it's time to try something else, get a raise and work from home.  But... I have been out of work force/on maternity leave for too long/I don't know what's out there/what if the new job is worse than this one/I am too old/etc?

- You will figure it out as you go.  Start by starting. Start by updating your resume

- I don't want to lose my perks at this job though.

- What has more weight for you today - existing perks or more money/work at home/new project?

-  The latter.  But... what if I it was the wrong thing and I regret it later?

- What if you knew both decisions are equally great, what would you choose?

- I would look for another job right away.

P.S. Mom decided to sell her house after all and proceed with her long time coming plan of becoming a landlord.