Four Reads for Your Soul!

I have not gotten into reading until my late 20’s. Since I dropped the idea that only classic books are worth reading, I have discovered so many amazing books that changed they way I see the world. Today I am sharing with you my top four books. These are the type of books I return to re-read. Please enjoy!


The mysterious power of the coincidences.  Why do they happen and is there a special meaning?  Chopra dives deep into the meaning of random events that *always* lead to a certain manifestation.  I picked up this book randomly at a library book sale.  Surprisingly it was exactly what I needed at the time.  Isn't it a coincidence?  Must read.


As soon as I read about Martha's life I was impressed.  Martha was studying for a PhD at Harvard all the while having three small children including her son with Down's syndrome.  In this fantastic book, Martha teaches us how to find and nurture our intuition.  After reading this book I turned back to listening to my gut more which added to my self-confidence a great deal.  This book won't disappoint. 


I'll be honest, the concept of 'healing' typically makes me cautious, but this books is the exception.  Louise Hay was and is the thought leader in healing ourselves with thoughts.  Louise talks about the connection between our words, the way we feel and what we create for ourselves as a result.  What I really love about this book is that she tells you exactly what to do should you want to apply.


Dr. Brené Brown a renowned researcher in vulnerability and shame.  She teaches us what shame means and why we have it.  Through her stories Brené shows supreme vulnerability and how she doesn't always champion it despite having a PhD in the subject.  Like the other four writers, Brené's writing style is cozy, which makes reading so much more fun.

Have fun with these and share your favorite books in the comments!