The Story I am Living Right Now, or a quick reality check


Hey there, girlfriend. Allow me to update you on the latest! I recently got married to the man I love and respect. We have been engaged for over a year and had planned a small intimate wedding with amazing Russian-American food. Everything and everyone cooperated and it was truly a good day all around.

The Chef of the restaurant pulled me out from the photo shoot to tell me he had made a salad for me, so that I don’t forget to eat. Our families arrived in time and took gorgeous photos before the rain hit us. We got ready together without rushing or running. My best friend from college flew in. My best friend from current life was by my side all day. My kids enjoyed the day and dressed up for the occasion. They thought it was their wedding too. The day of we planned a family photo shoot and dinner with 50 of our closest dearest friends and family. I planned to be present and feel love all day long. I did just that.

I think of that day as the epitome of doing our best and being out best. If this day was a chapter in the book, I would call it ‘One Beautiful Day’. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this day too?

I could also tell a different story about that day. It would be so juicy… the day of sever thunderstorms broke out forcing us move the ceremony to another day. If you know me, I don’t like things out of order. I think we were a bit short on food. I could also tell a story how people held grudges because of some of the decisions that we’ve made in the process. What would I call this chapter - ‘I couldn’t wait for it to be over’ comes to mind. Both stories are true, but the first one feels like warmth and love.

If you and I set down for a minute, what would you share with me today? What would you name it if it were a book? Choose a story that makes you feel great.