Anatomy of Motivation


Several months ago I reconnected with an old friend.  She offered dinner and good times, but I left her house that evening with the whole world.  In her presence something changed in me.  The gooey state of mind I have been in lately vanished.  There was something about the vibe she gave out.  Her outlook on life was bold and determined.  She was full of ideas for the future and already executing on many.  She wasn’t bragging or trying to be better, this is who she was.  The epitome of self-motivation, I thought to myself, and being in her presence you couldn’t help but start believing in yourself immediately.  She made me think of my dormant ideas and the excuses I had relied on.  I was couldn’t wait to drive home to start getting my ideas out into the world.


After that visit I went home and wrote out all my ideas and plans for execution.  This is how you get motivated, I thought.  I just need to spend more time around people like her, because it literally rubs off on you.  What was it exactly that reignited my own motivation?  I was simply hooked!  What do we want after all – how to get motivated or how to stay motivated?  I think it’s both.  Motivation just like any emotion is a temporary state of mind.  We can prolong it, but staying in it 100% is unrealistic and should never be our main goal.  Instead, focusing on creating the most favorable and efficient day is where I would concentrate my energy.  You know you are on top of your game when motivation makes an appearance. 

 Here is my list of all things motivation.  Let’s dive in!


As seen in my story above, having energetic driven people in your life is an amazing way to boost your own energy.  Choose someone who is focused not only on themselves, but who is genuinely interested in engaging others on their way to success.  How do you know if you are around such people?  They make you feel good about yourself pretty much always.  Do you have someone like that in your circle?  No?  Then it’s time to set an intention to meet such person and venture out beyond your own backyard.


Know Your Best

It’s crucial to know when your body performs best.  We will get ourselves closer to feeling the high of motivation when we plan to work on tasks during the best part of day.  Personally, I know that 8am to 11am are my best hours.  I feel easy about getting things going and have a natural inclination to do something productive. What is the best time for you? Time with fewer distraction, less junk food, highest level of energy. Know your best time of day, day of the week and place to be and plan to show up.


Physical State

This alone won’t get your business growing or your goals any closer, but feeling good adds a ton to your creativity potential.  Feeling upbeat can do magic things to your life.  The longer we can hold this feeling physically and mentally, the more we get our hands around the feeling of motivation.  Physical activity, solid sleep, nutritious meals (that don’t put you in food coma) are a sure way to feel ready to do something good.


Managing Your Mind

It always puzzles me that mind management is not taught in schools.  We have to find our own way to it.  When it comes to motivation, many of us believe in it occurring on its own.  Sort of like the feeling of happiness (not!) it just appears out of no where and we need to act on it fast.   When we observe that motivation doesn’t happen to us as often as we like, we become even less motivated and that is futile to our goals.  One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this… What do you believe to be true about motivation?  Write it out.  Look at your thoughts and tell me, do you like what you see?  Will these thoughts lead you to feeling more motivated and driven?  Are they the sorts of thoughts that if I read them I would get inspired?  If so, you are in luck and your beliefs will work for you.  If you believe that motivation is scarce or that it only happens to special people or that some people just have more drive… you are setting yourself up to procrastinate.  In summary: Evaluate your thoughts – decide if these thoughts will serve you – introduce new thoughts (beliefs) – practice what you want to believe.


Anticipating Lack of Motivation

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t acknowledge that motivation will come and go.  If you are like me, more of your time will be spent without the high of motivation.  That is okay.  Plan on it, decide what you will do when it happens again. The following mantras are helpful when motivation is no where to be found.

  • It’s normal to feel unmotivated. 

  • No one can be at the peak of their performance 100% of the time. 

  • I will do what I planned to do anyway.

  • I don’t need motivation to stay on track.

  • I trust myself, I trust the process.


Just like that you have my motivation tool box! It’s my deepest desire to share my knowledge with the world and hope that it will make a positive change in someone else’s life.