How to Stop Dating the Wrong People

Many relationships start out fine.  We feel the excitement and are full of hope.  Rightly so!  Everything is new and exciting and we are full of hope.  However, when relationships fail we often notice that they fail for a similar reason or the problem that arise are of the same nature.  I call this your personal pattern.  It manifests itself as meeting guys who are much older, or guys who have had a lot of bad luck in their life (aka drama), or guys who make you feel insecure, or guys who want to hang out with other people more than with you.  There are many different patterns.  While it's not our job to change anyone, it is in our best interest to identify our pattern, figure out what we really want instead and let go of mister Wrong to be on our way to mister Right!  Watch more for how to move on when you are ready to let go of the pattern.