When You Think You Do The Wrong Thing

The other day I talked to my mom.  She purchased a new home and was in the process of selling her old home.  She had an idea of selling the old house to invest in a multi-unit rental property.  On the first day of sale she received a great offer from a prospective seller. The faster the sale was progressing, the more worried she became. As I imagined all the opportunities she is going to create by selling her house, I wanted to be in her shoes.  The wealth building and becoming a landlord (after all who doesn’t want passive income?).  I wanted to be like my mom when I grow up!

But mom wasn't thrilled.  To her selling a home means something else entirely. It means lack of sleep and loss of appetite in her world.  Making big steps means loads of worry and uncertainty.  She was afraid of both - keeping or selling the house.  Even though I wasn't in mom's shoes at the moment, I remember feeling this way about pretty much everything.  What if it was the wrong thing to do?!   How do you know what the right thing is>

My process today is a mental dialogue or a conversation with myself.  I repeat it often.  It gives me confidence in my decisions, a piece of mind and room for mistakes. Lots of room for mistakes:

- Should I change my job???

- What do you think you should do?

- I should get a new job.

- Why?

- Because I think it's time to try something else, get a raise and work from home.  But... I have been out of work force/on maternity leave for too long/I don't know what's out there/what if the new job is worse than this one/I am too old/etc?

- You will figure it out as you go.  Start by starting. Start by updating your resume

- I don't want to lose my perks at this job though.

- What has more weight for you today - existing perks or more money/work at home/new project?

-  The latter.  But... what if I it was the wrong thing and I regret it later?

- What if you knew both decisions are equally great, what would you choose?

- I would look for another job right away.

P.S. Mom decided to sell her house after all and proceed with her long time coming plan of becoming a landlord.

Four Reads for Your Soul!

I have not gotten into reading until my late 20’s. Since I dropped the idea that only classic books are worth reading, I have discovered so many amazing books that changed they way I see the world. Today I am sharing with you my top four books. These are the type of books I return to re-read. Please enjoy!


The mysterious power of the coincidences.  Why do they happen and is there a special meaning?  Chopra dives deep into the meaning of random events that *always* lead to a certain manifestation.  I picked up this book randomly at a library book sale.  Surprisingly it was exactly what I needed at the time.  Isn't it a coincidence?  Must read.


As soon as I read about Martha's life I was impressed.  Martha was studying for a PhD at Harvard all the while having three small children including her son with Down's syndrome.  In this fantastic book, Martha teaches us how to find and nurture our intuition.  After reading this book I turned back to listening to my gut more which added to my self-confidence a great deal.  This book won't disappoint. 


I'll be honest, the concept of 'healing' typically makes me cautious, but this books is the exception.  Louise Hay was and is the thought leader in healing ourselves with thoughts.  Louise talks about the connection between our words, the way we feel and what we create for ourselves as a result.  What I really love about this book is that she tells you exactly what to do should you want to apply.


Dr. Brené Brown a renowned researcher in vulnerability and shame.  She teaches us what shame means and why we have it.  Through her stories Brené shows supreme vulnerability and how she doesn't always champion it despite having a PhD in the subject.  Like the other four writers, Brené's writing style is cozy, which makes reading so much more fun.

Have fun with these and share your favorite books in the comments!

10 Thoughts To Change Your Life. Literally!

Every day I try to do a better job than I did yesterday. I try to be a better parent all the time. I think about how to improve my relationships day after day. I put a lot of focus on creating a lot of value in my business and my corporate job. In doing so, I find a lot of things that don’t work. They don’t add value to my life and things don’t change. But then there are things that I do that make a huge difference. Things get better, and better, and better! I am sharing with you my guide on 10 thoughts that will change your life for better for ever.

Thoughts? What in the world? Here is how this works. What we think is a critically important part to getting what you want in life. Our thoughts determine how we are going to feel about a problem, a desire, a goal, a job… What you think really matters! I have put together 10 most impactful thoughts that will change your life. If you have not yet, get this FREE guide immediately! Today I am sharing the first life changing thought:

Many of us quit when things get hard.  Somewhere down the road we adopted a belief that easy means we are on the right track.  This belief doesn't serve us and here is how you can look at it differently.  Big goals always require us to stretch beyond comfort zone and overcome obstacles.  There will be a guaranteed point of confusion and resistance no matter what you are pursuing.  When we believe that obstacles are there to help us, we feel empowered and don’t quit.  When empowered, our minds immediately start searching for solutions. 

A while back I decided to be okay with doing hard things.  It looks like this – as soon as I encounter something difficult, I tell myself that I am learning to do hard things.  It's been the single driving force behind my relentless pursuit to successfully achieve my goals and I have not looked back.  The reason why it works is because we give ourselves permission to resolve the difficult tasks.  We make it normal to encounter problems. You start to look at challenges as part of the journey without trying to get rid of them. When you truly start to embrace that
you can do hard things, you start to believe in yourself unconditionally.  This is where the
magic happens.  

Download 9 more thoughts here.

Book Review: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Today I am sharing my thoughts on the most wonderful book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.  This book is a one of a kind book and a true a gift.  As soon as I started reading it, I felt a wave of soothing feeling and kindness.  Louise was a pioneer in the subject of affirmations.  While this book is not centered around affirmations, it's focused on our thoughts and what be bring to our lives by thinking certain thoughts.  This book is now in my top 3 most loved books.  Please enjoy and let me know what YOU think and feel after reading this book.  

How to Stop Dating the Wrong People

Many relationships start out fine.  We feel the excitement and are full of hope.  Rightly so!  Everything is new and exciting and we are full of hope.  However, when relationships fail we often notice that they fail for a similar reason or the problem that arise are of the same nature.  I call this your personal pattern.  It manifests itself as meeting guys who are much older, or guys who have had a lot of bad luck in their life (aka drama), or guys who make you feel insecure, or guys who want to hang out with other people more than with you.  There are many different patterns.  While it's not our job to change anyone, it is in our best interest to identify our pattern, figure out what we really want instead and let go of mister Wrong to be on our way to mister Right!  Watch more for how to move on when you are ready to let go of the pattern.

How I Reclaimed Life Balance From Overbearing Social Life

A few years back I found myself engulfed by the birthday parties, social occasions, concerts, dating and school events.  Nearly every Monday I was reflecting on my weekend wondering why it goes by so fast.  I thought I had no choice, but to say yes to everyone and everything.  Until one day I entertained the idea of pulling back and seeing what happens.  My lessons were unexpected and so worth the time off I took.  Watch to see how I did it and where I am today with life balance.  Let me know your thoughts about the video and how you maintain a balance!