happiness is possible.  Are you ready?

The best part of my life began after divorce.  But before it became the best part, it felt pretty awful.  Suddenly, I was thirty and divorced, raising two small children completely on my own.  Single mom became my new identity and I hated it.  I was the only single mom among my friends.  Everything that we used to do as couples became uncomfortable and, while my close friends supported me fully in my post-divorce recovery, none of them could relate to my newly single life.


I remember how desperate I was for someone to show me how to feel normal again, how to enjoy life as a single mom and figure out how to meet a new partner that would embrace myself and kids.  And, to make matters worse, I was stuck… stuck thinking about what once was and not being able to move past it.  All things were becoming a burden, including parenting, and I was longing for normalcy and adult connection like never before. 

Fast forward to today… I know what you are going through because I’ve been there and found the way out.  My coaching practice is focused on helping divorced single women and I have created a program drawing from all of my own experiences, learnings and training. For me, this is more than a career… it’s a true calling. I’m truly passionate about this work and am dedicated to helping you regain balance, find normalcy and gain the confidence and motivation to meet the most amazing guy!

I work with clients primarily through video app meeting weekly for 1-1.5 hours per session.  I love the video option; it allows us to work together with extraordinary flexibility.  After each session, I follow up with a detailed email containing session notes, topics discussed and next steps.  (My clients absolutely love receiving these… there is always more to discover!)