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Ksenia, ironman finisher, finance manager and a mom of two

“This summer 2018 - I've been divorced for almost 6 years with two kids, who were 3 and 4 at that time. Since then, I went back to school and graduated with honors MA in Finance from Harvard University; I finished a couple of full Ironman triathlons (140.6 miles of swim/bike/run); I was travelling internationally multiple times a year to surf, climb mountains (Mt. Rainier summit) ; etc. I got an amazing  finance job in top tech companies... Yes, all of it came with a lot of work and dedication. However... This summer I hit very low... emotionally. I was not happy. I was not proud of myself. I was not enjoying what I have. I knew this is not right.

 I reached out to Anna and Roadmap2you... She was amazing in helping me structure my thought process; set priorities and values.  Moreover, accept who I am now and make piece with events in my past I still felt angry about. She helped me to value and appreciate each experience and look at it in the positive way. We had very insightful sessions that touched upon my personal, career, and family road map. It is invaluable to have someone help you evaluate the past and fuel the future.

Being happy and present is a choice and requires work; I am glad Anna woke me up from the 'victim' into a winner I actually am! I wish her the best and encourage all to take time for yourself.

Thank you, Anna... I feel happy even when life gets hard and tiring... I have so many things to be grateful for and a lot more to look forward to. “

Svetlana, videographer and stay at home mom of two

“I happened to meet with Anna on Valentine’s day, a few months after my divorce, and after having worked with her I feel so empowered… I know now that I will be okay and am no longer feeling so alone. 

As an extremely busy mom of two toddlers, it’s been a difficult adjustment for me… everything has been very new and painful and I’ve been stuck wanting to feel better but having no idea how.

That is where Anna stepped in… she has helped me to focus my attention on appreciating the positive things in my life and to figure out what it is that’s most important for me right now.  The work we did has helped me to identify and understand the key values in my life and will serve as the foundation of the ongoing action plan we created together.

After having worked with Anna I felt so empowered and ready to tackle life! Thank you so much, Anna.“

Maria, Director of Diversified real estate and a new mom

“Anna and I connected when I was at the crossroads in my personal life. Anna’s own story and philosophy is what led me to work with her. Her no-nonsense and down-to-earth approach helped me separate facts from fiction, settle self-defeating thoughts, emotions and fears. She taught me how to create a compelling vision of a future relationship. Thank you, Anna! “


"I worked with Anna after a difficult breakup with someone I was dating for a few months.  This was my first relationship post-divorce, and I took it really hard.  What I found most valuable is that Anna understood where I was coming from, had similar experiences and could relate.  She helped me talk through and think through the emotional roller-coaster I was going through.  I even called her crying a couple of times when I thought my world was about to collapse.

I believe working with Anna could help you as it helped me navigate the perils of finding the new you after the divorce and as you start dating."

Nina, athlete, client solutions analyst and a mom of two

"I find your advice extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts, thank you for your personal approach and wisdom. I am definitely making progress and I see a lot of things differently than before, and I love love love it. It makes me a better and happier person, better parent and better partner. Thank you!"

Beth, World traveler and a mom of two

“Anna's workshop was so thought-provoking, intentional & mindful.  She allowed time for thinking & exploration of topics discussed.  I was immediately able to implement the techniques and ideas I learned from the workshop into my life and was able to see positive outcomes from it.  Anna is relatable, personable & encouraging and I highly recommend the workshop for anyone who is wanting to take charge and control of their life and future.” 

KRISTA, WRITER, audiobook narrator and a mom of three

"So glad I attended the Living with Authenticity and Intention Workshop.  Anna provided a very open and relaxed environment to explore and share ideas, hopes and frustrations. It helped me to become more aware of my own desires and gave me some tools to use to work toward achieving my goals. Highly recommended!"

Iryna, Financial Analyst and lifestyle blogger

"It was a pleasure working with Anna! She made me feel safe and comfortable sharing my thoughts, feelings, and concerns since the very first meeting. It gave me a huge relief to be able to express myself to Anna and receive words of wisdom back. Our meetings not only boosted my confidence, they simply made me realize that I need to give myself a credit for what I’ve already done. She taught me how to separate facts from the stories and how to manage my thoughts and emotions that I was able to implement right away."


"Anna's approach is flexible and individualized. I saw results by our third session together and often refer back to my notes and the tools she taught me to continue with self-coaching on my own. I recommend Anna to anyone who already has the inspiration to reach their goals, but is looking for the guidance to see past their obstacles and help with the discipline to follow through."

Hannah, Fitness Business Owner, world traveler, yoga teacher and a mom

"Anna taught me how to determine what is important to me and then how to create a plan based on that. The most powerful thing I learned through our coaching sessions is that I can make mistakes and/or bad decisions which gave me a sense of peace... the pressure was finally off! With the pressure off, I was finally able to breathe and make the decisions I dreaded for several years. Now, I am in a great place in my life and am deeply grateful to Anna for helping me find my way here."

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