Who chooses life coaching

Life Coaching is for highly functional people who are looking for a break through in their life.  It is for people who are willing to risk their comfort zone and learn the habits to create healthy thought processes that drive action.  

Maybe you have spent many hours venting to friends or have done your time in therapy but still feel stuck and unclear on what to do next.  You already know there is more to life than going to work, tending to urgent issues or celebrating Fridays.  You just need concrete steps to break through. 

I got you and can help with:

  • Building your new step-by-step life after divorce.

  • Learning to make decisions on your own (and not have to call your girlfriends for approval!).

  • Finding your purpose and running with it.

  • Creating a road map to everyday fulfillment.

  • Getting past the fantasy of perfectionism.

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